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  2. List of infectious disease countermeasures

List of infectious disease countermeasures

  • Introducing the Novel Coronavirus Infection countermeasures that we are working on at this facility.
    Please see some videos that are easier to imagine.

front desk

  • ·Hand sanitizer and temperature measurement at the time of admission
    ·Acrylic board installed on the front counter
    ·Fill out the health status inquiry sheet at check-in
    ·Disinfect and replace your pen
    ·Securing regular intervals when lining up(Foot type mark affixed)
    ·Check-in is limited to representatives and prevents crowding
    ·Delivery of money by cash tray at the time of payment

Shared space in this facility

  • ·Must wear a mask
    ·Alcohol disinfectant is placed in 32 common spaces in this facility
    ·Install hand soap and alcohol disinfectant in the shared toilet
    ·Alcohol disinfection of doorknobs, doors, elevator buttons, handrails, gachas that children touch, vending machines, etc.


  • ·Install alcohol disinfectant in each room
    ·In addition to normal cleaning work, alcohol disinfection of touchable parts such as remote controls, switches, handles, doorknobs, toilets, extensions, desks, faucets, etc.


  • ·Securing regular intervals when lining up at the counter(Foot-shaped mark affixed to the floor)
    ·Installation of acrylic board at the restaurant counter
    ·Hand sanitizer at the entrance
    ·Install electrolyzed water disinfectant (for using fire in grilled meat) at each dining seat
    ·Alcohol disinfectant installed at 9 buffet venues
    ·Semi-private dining room with walls on three sides
    ·Installation of acrylic board in live kitchen
    ·Wearing a mask and disposable gloves when taking
    ·Regular replacement of tongs
    ·All staff wear rubber gloves
    ·Please do not reuse the glass and replace it with each glass.

Free service

  • ·Cancellation of the inevitable bingo tournament → Change to Garapon lottery
    ·Free tickets will be distributed only to children for the fair game Garapon lottery to alleviate congestion
    ·Disinfect all parts of the karaoke box each time you use it
    ·If you use karaoke, you will be given a hand towel.
    ·Alcohol disinfection of table tennis tools every time customers use
    ·Yukata after use is collected in the room
    ·Partitions are installed for massage chairs, and 5 → 3 massage chairs are in operation.


  • ·Pause of outpatient bathing
    ·Bar restrictions due to state of emergency
    ·Only guests can use the large communal bath, and the maximum number of uses is set.
    ·Request cooperation for temperature measurement before leaving your home
    ·Elevator use is restricted for each group
    ·Smoking area is limited to 3 people
    ·Admission to the game corner is limited to 10 people


  • ·Body temperature measurement and recording at the time of arrival
    ·Diligent hand washing and alcohol disinfection
    ·Must wear a mask
  • From the guests who actually stayed
    "I was able to stay with peace of mind because the measures against infectious diseases were solid."
    We have received many voices.

    All the staff are working to make your stay with peace of mind.
    Please refer to it and ask for your cooperation when staying.