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Aso City -Kumamoto area ...

  • Yumeoisou is Aso city sightseeing information from the Yumeoisou to the area of Kumamoto.

  • Cuddly Dominion

    About 10 minutes by car
    Animal Entertainment Park.
    It can be enjoyed by everyone from children to seniors, such as "Fureai Experience" and "Animal Entertainment Show".
    Winter business hours (From October 15, 2018 to March 20, 2019)
    Summer business hours (March 21, 2019 ~)
    9:30 to 17:00 (Until 17:30 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
    Closed day / Tuesday from December to February·Wednesday (Winter holidays, excluding holidays)
    Address / 2163 Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Telephone / 0967-34-2020
  • aka ushi (red beef) bowl Iwasaki

    About 9 minutes by car
    Aso specialty aka ushi (red beef) bowl" can enjoy.
    Akaushi Curry and Takanashi meshi are also delicious.
    The photo shows a large serving of aka ushi (red beef) bowl
    Business hours / from 11:00 until sold out
    Regular holiday / Thursday
    Address / Otohime 2006-2, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Phone: 0967-32-2677
  • Koyasu Gawara Kannon

    About by car
    Tsubaki Koyasu Gawara Kannon is enshrined as a guardian deity of "Having a good child".
    The god is a natural stone in the shape of a woman who slept upwards, and represents the area from the chest to the crotch, which is said to be a Kannon-like figure.
    The beginning is old, and it originates in being prayed for the easy delivery of Empress Shingo about 1500 years ago.
    It is said that people who want to have children come here and bring river stone and always have a baby treasure when they sit on the way back.
    Address / 2120 Otohime, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Road Station, Aso

    Rural Space Museum.
    Lined with local specialties such as lunch boxes and sweets, as well as fresh vegetables.
    Also tourist information and rest space.
    Opening Hours / 9: 00-18: 00
    Address / 1440-1 Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Phone / 0967-35-5077