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How to spend at inn

You can spend the night at the Yumeoisou!

  • First day, ~ 15: 00

    • Before check-in Aso tourism

      Kumamoto Prefecture Aso Uchinomaki Yumeoiso is an excellent location to access the tourist spots in Aso. Please come and visit Yumeoisou after having a good time after going out as Yumeoisou.
  • First day, 15: 00 ~

    • Check in at Yumeoisou!

      Welcome to Yumeoisou.

      Please have a pleasant time.
    • Yukata can be chosen for women

      After checking in, please choose a Yukata first.Yumeoisou you are Yumeoisou your favorite Yukata for in-house use.Since we have many different colors, I think that one piece of favorite for you is surely found.

  • First day, 16: 00 ~

    • From the hotel's source Fresh hot water

      First of all, even from foot bath which can heal tiredness of travel!

      Enjoy yourself with hot water in the public bath!

      Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy the 10 private baths free of charge as many times as they wish, so please check in at the front desk.

      Please cure your daily fatigue enough at the proud Aso Uchinomaki Onsen!
  • First day, 18: 00 ~

    • Dinner

      Enjoy dinner and drinks (alcohol) of the hotel with plenty of seasonal ingredients Kumamoto Prefecture Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso where you can get rich seafood and mountain favorites.

      The dessert buffet is also very popular.
  • First day, 20: 00 ~

    • Fully equipped entertainment facilities that can be used free of charge

      I'm full! Even after becoming it, we still will not get bored in Yumeoisou!
      Stall plaza Garapon lottery is held every night.
      (Currently, as a countermeasure against infectious diseases, we are giving free tickets only to children at fairs.)

      In addition, please set up karaoke · table tennis, massage corner and kids room etc, and choose your favorite way to spend with family, couple, couple and friends with children.

      Of course, if time permits, we also recommend visiting the 10 private baths.
    • Going to bed

      Please prepare for tomorrow and take a relaxing and sleeping in your room.

      If there is something, please contact the front desk.
      Rest assured and good night ....
    • Early morning on the second day ~ If the luck is good, the sea of ​​clouds

      If luck is good, the sea of ​​clouds.The most famous Yunkai Spot Mt Daikanbo is about 30 minutes from the hotel.