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Please enjoy the buffet boasting Yumeoisou.

  • Frozen beef and sashimi · Nigiri sushi, various Japanese and Western Chinese buffet (buffet)

    Luxury Yumeoisou to send

    Domestic frozen beef grilled meat that can taste the highly qualified "Sashi" umami,
    Fresh Sashimi from Ariake Sea& African sushi Fresh Sashimi from Ariake Sea& Nigiri Sushi,
    All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat dinner with a variety of Japanese cuisine and rich dessert in Chinese

    All you can drink beer, shochu, sake, wine, fruit wine, soft drinks etc.

    Please enjoy luxurious buffet of "maximum 120 minutes".

    | Buffet menu example |
    Domestic marbled beef cattle: You can enjoy domestic marbled cows with sashi with grilled meat
    Sliced ​​beef tongue: All-you-can-eat beef tongue too!
    Sashimi: We will fish from Amakusa directly in the open kitchen
    Sushi: The craftsman holds the sushi in front of you
    Fried food: We offer fried fish including seasonal vegetables and potatoes favorite for children
    Iron plate: We prepare freshly cooked on iron plate such as meat and seafood
    Dessert: Fruits and petit cakes, soft creams and so on are abundant in variety such as chocolate fondue.
    In addition to the season, there are many menus made from seasonal ingredients.

    You can also enjoy special limited menus that change every season.
    January-February 2019 ... "Tragafushi" and "Motsunabe"
    March-April 2019… “aka ushi (red beef) sukiyaki” “Seafood risotto of sea urchin and abalone”
    May / June / 2019 “Tuna Big Toro Grip”
    September / October 2019···"Ikebaki" "aka ushi (red beef) cooked rice"
    November / December 2019···stay tuned

    ※Cooking / drinks can only be enjoyed at the venue. Please refrain from taking out.
  • As for the eyeballs as well! Japanese fried beef with domestic frozen beef

    Speaking of the center of Yumeoisou buffet is still yakiniku.
    We have cows, pigs and chickens including domestic marbled beef, you can enjoy it as you like.

    BBQ menu (There is fluctuation due to purchase situation)
    ·Domestic marbled cow
    ·Thick cut beef tongue
    ·short rib
    ·Beef Hormone
    ·Pork tongue
    ·Pork belly
    ·Chicken Harami
    ·Chicken mune
    ·Megumi pork wiener of the earth
    (Nanatsu wiener·Cheese wiener·Arabaki wiener)

    Grilled vegetables
    ·green pepper
  • Fresh seafood is offered at sashimi and sushi!

    "I want you to taste fresh fish as fresh"
    The buffet venue of Yumeoisou is an open kitchen.

    The fresh fish directly from Amakusa is peeped in front of you to make it a sashimi, which is then made by a craftsman as a sushi.

    Of course, you can eat sushi and sashimi as well.

    | Recommended fish |
    Aso brand trout, "Oku Aso Rainbow Trout(Rainbow Trout)"
    Okuaso is a rainbow chopsticks raised by hand feeding Reizan Okuaso's abundant spring water and the sake Reizan Aso sake "Reizan".
    Body eat the lees, which is said to be good in grew up in rainbow trout is as good fat seaweed, silky flesh in the low-calorie, some of the high-quality protein to smooth the head of a well-made substance DHA blood substance EPA"Contains a lot.
    It is Oku Aso Rainbow Trout which can be delicious from the inside of the body deliciously.
    (Quote from Murakami fish farm HP)

    Amakusa direct fish stocks vary depending on the season and day
    The fish that can be provided each time will change.
    Thank you for understanding in advance.
  • Dessert is also rich in items

    Even if you eat a meat or a fish full of stomach, it is a desert that you want to eat on a separate stomach.
    Yumeoisou the luxury buffet of Yuushujisou, we have plenty of desserts such as fruits, cakes and soft creams.

    In addition, dessert of only quantity appears from 19:00!
    Amazake Waffle Parfait and Sharpener
    There is an on-site broadcast so please do not miss it.
  • About 30 kinds of buffet for breakfast!

    In the open kitchen, omelets and seasonal ingredients,
    Local Aso Rice, miso soup etc.,
    Please enjoy breakfast with pleasant Japanese style buffet style.

    Especially recommended is the ultimate egg hanger!
    ·Passing egg eggs soy sauce
    ·Aso Rice passion
    It is a gem of confidence using Yumeoisou!

    | Breakfast Buffet Menu Example |
    Omelette: I will make it in about 1 minute after receiving an order
    Omelet: I will bake a little sweet egg sauce in front of my eyes. Have fun.
    Freshly baked bread: We offer only limited fired baked
    Akaushi Curry:Breakfast The most popular Akaushi Curry.We also sell at the shop
    Pickles: We have a large selection of pickles of rice at Susumu Aso
    Grilled fish: Please enjoy freshly baked fish
    Fresh juice: I'll make it in front of you.It is tasty freshly squeezed
    White rice: Delicious Hinohikari rice produced by Farmer Goto, a rice Farmer Goto in Aso
    Miso soup: "Maboroshi no Miso" used by the well-established storehouse and the Yamauchi Honten shop in Naikosanchi, Miso
    Sweet sake waffle: Sweetness cut sugar consumption by using sweet alcohol. It is healthy but delicious. It is a friend of those who aim for health.