In November "Baked aka ushi (red beef)" "Raw Oyster" "Megumi Pork Shabu Shabu" on Earth

Guests are a hotel of Aso Uchinomaki Onsen is popular with all-you-can-eat luxury buffet including 12 private baths that you can use as many times as you like and domestic marbled beef and fresh sushi.
Facilities that can be played free, such as stalls square and karaoke held every evening are enriched.
Accommodation + All you can eat + All you can drink + All you can play is from 8,800 yen (in case of using by 5 people).

Limited for October / November "Baked aka ushi (red beef) Tender", Limited December / December "Raw Oyster" & "Pork Shabu"

  • October November only, "Baked like the aka ushi (red beef)

    Broiled aka ushi (red beef) quickly, "Modern Japanese traditional folklore" secret sauce soy sauce "and a passionate egg brought up in Kuju mountain range"aka ushi (red beef) grilled pork "appeared for dinner buffet for a limited time only!

    All-you-can-eat as well as luxurious guests during your stay
  • November December limited, "raw oysters" & "pigs shabu-shabu in Kumamoto prefecture"

    Raw oysters ... squeezing plenty raw oysters that will have a delicious season from now on and squeezing lemon and refreshingly!

    Pork Shabu produced in Kumamoto Prefecture · · · used "Megumi Pork of the Earth" who grew up drinking underground water of Aso.
    Serve with a taste using a flavorful Kagoshima prefecture bonito clause.


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385-1 Nomaki, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso

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50 minutes by car from Kumamoto Interchange 8 minutes by car from Uchinomaki Station * Pickup from the nearest station available (reservation required)

Transfer available
Free pick-up from the nearest station (JR Aso Station).
Aso Station is 15 minutes from Aso Station.

【From Fukuoka】
Kyushu Road - Kumamoto IC - Route 57 to Aso Direction about 50 minutes

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