Eat, drink, play, relax.

Guests are a hotel of Aso Uchinomaki Onsen is popular with all-you-can-eat luxury buffet including 12 private baths that you can use as many times as you like and domestic marbled beef and fresh sushi.
Facilities that can be played free, such as stalls square and karaoke held every evening are enriched.
Accommodation + All you can eat + All you can drink + All you can play is from 8,800 yen (in case of using by 5 people).

January February only, "Tiger fugue stab" & "Motsu pot"

  • Tiger fry stab

    Representative of puffer, Tiger fruits sashimi.
    The muscular tiger puffer is the secret of tastiness that is tailored to your body.
    ※It is one dish only with a blowjob.
  • Motsu pot

    After all in a cold winter pot.
    We used 'Masara noodles' made by a masterpiece of Kumamoto's old store "Yamauchi main store"
    It is a gem that is full of delicious taste of moch which seeps into soup of passion.

Limited April April, "Sukiyaki" of "aka ushi (red beef)" & "Seafood Risotto of Sea Urchin and Abalone"

  • Sukiyaki with aka ushi (red beef)

    A aka ushi (red beef) with moderate sashi entered,
    If you simmered with a split using Yamanouchi main store "secret soup stock soy sauce"
    The fragrance of fluffy fragrant soy sauce intensifies appetite.
    Please enjoy it on fresh eggs.
  • Seafood risotto of sea and abalone

    Please enjoy seafood with plenty, abalone, shrimp, scallops and plenty.
    To risotto with a special white sauce and cheese.
    When you eat it, you should want to eat another one.


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385-1 Nomaki, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso

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50 minutes by car from Kumamoto Interchange 8 minutes by car from Uchinomaki Station * Pickup from the nearest station available (reservation required)

Transfer available
Free pick-up from the nearest station (JR Aso Station).
Aso Station is 15 minutes from Aso Station.

【From Fukuoka】
Kyushu Road - Kumamoto IC - Route 57 to Aso Direction about 50 minutes

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