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Route 57 it is closed to the road Fukeda Danchi Iriguchi Route 57 and the Tateno District from the Fukeda Danchi Iriguchi, please use the detour route.
Please note that JR is closed between Higo Ozu Station and Akamizu Station.
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385-1 Nomaki, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso

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50 minutes by car from Kumamoto Interchange 8 minutes by car from Uchinomaki Station * Pickup from the nearest station available (reservation required)

Transfer available
Free pick-up from the nearest station (JR Aso Station).
Aso Station is 15 minutes from Aso Station.

【From Fukuoka】
Kyushu Road - Kumamoto IC - Route 57 to Aso Direction about 50 minutes


Surrounding tourism

  • Around Nomaki

    Yumeoisou is information on the area around Nakamaki where you can walk from Yumeoisou, or by bike.

    ·Meikyoji, 5 minutes on foot
    A temple with a splendid ginkgo tree that also appeared in Soseki Natsume "210 days"
    The autumn leaves season is a masterpiece.

    ·Tyrolin village, 7 minutes on foot
    A retro shop that is irresistibly a retro lover filled with things of old nostalgia.
    It is also recommended for those traveling with children and foreign travelers.

    ·Above★Viva, 10-minute walk
    A park complete with large playground equipment in the garden of Uchimaki castle site.
    It is also recommended for walking with children.

    ·Aso cycle · climbing base CLAMP, 14 minutes on foot
    A facility where you can experience bicycle rental and bouldering.
    Who would you like to try?

    ·Hana Aso Beauty, 20 minutes on foot
    A greenhouse of one of Japan's premier roses and a facility capable of harvesting strawberries (By season)
    A rose garden will be opened according to the time.

    ·Fukunami Daikokuten, 22 minutes on foot
    Daikoku reputed as winning the lottery.
    Let's take the lottery I bought.

    ·Nature land, 27 minutes on foot
    Facilities that you can actively play in Aso such as balloon experience and paraglider experience
    Reservations up to the previous day are necessary.
  • Aso Attractions

    Yumeoisou is sightseeing information of Aso city around 15 minutes by car from Yumeoisou.

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  • Kumamoto Attractions

    It is the main tourist spot information of Kumamoto.

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