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National Route 57 resumed! Yumeoiso is closer!

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385-1 Uchinomaki, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture

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National Route 57 resumed!
50 minutes by car from Kumamoto Interchange
About 10 minutes from Aso Station

New route "North side restoration route" opens
It is a motorway connecting Otsu and Akamizu.

【From Fukuoka】
About 50 minutes to Aso Direction from Kyushu Road - Kumamoto IC - National Route 57

Parking:Yes (free) 50 cars in the 1st parking lot and 50 cars in the 2nd and 3rd parking lots

When coming by public transportation, please come by Kyushu Sanko Bus or taxi from the nearest station (Uchinomaki Station / Aso Station).
※Uchinomaki Station will be an unmanned station.
※The closest station is Uchinomaki Station, but there are more buses at Aso Station.
※Reference fee:About 2500 yen from Aso Station to Yumeoisou by taxi

tourist information

  • 【For overnight breakfast plan and no meal plan】Uchinomaki Night Map【For dinner and after-party】

    You will reach Uchinomaki Shopping Street in about 5 minutes on foot from Yumeoisou.
    There are many delicious shops so please try to find a place that suits your taste.

    Detailed information is posted on each store at Furatto Uchinomaki (link).

    English version is also available.
  • Sightseeing around Uchinomaki

    Yumeoisou is Uchinomaki area information of the range that you can go on foot or by bicycle from Yumeoisou.
  • Aso City sightseeing-Oita area ...

    Yumeoisou is Aso city sightseeing information to the Oita area from Yumeoisou.
  • Aso City sightseeing-Kumamoto area ...

    Yumeoisou is Aso city sightseeing information from the Yumeoisou to the area of Kumamoto.
  • Aso wide area

    It is a tourist destination in the wide area of Aso surrounded by Mt. Sotowa.

    Mo Mo Farm Takehara Farm / El Patio Ranch / Namino Kaguraen / Shirakawa Spring Source / Yusui tunnel / Aso Milk Ranch / Mt Daikanbo / Kusasenri / Aso Geopark / Milk Road / Panorama line / Aso Volcano Museum / Shiroyama Viewpoint / Kabuto-Iwa Lookout / Ogitake Park Observatory / Higotai Park / Saigandenji Temple Higotai Park / Higotai Park Yoh Shomei Aso Highland Museum Park / Ono Katsuhiko Museum of Art Yoh Shomei Aso Highland Museum Park / Ono Katsuhiko Museum of Art Higotai Park Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine / Ikeyama Springs / Ubuyama Ranch / Minamiaso Fureai Orchards
  • Kumamoto Attractions

    It is a tourist destination in Kumamoto prefecture.

    Kikuchi Valley/Kumamoto Castle/Aya Castle/Suizenji Temple Joju Park/Yachiyoza/Nabegataki Falls/Greenland/Kumamoto City Botanical Garden/Lake Gotsu/Kumamoto City Museum of Contemporary Art/Nanjo Melon Dome/Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Factory/Yusui tunnel/Sakitsu Church/Sea donut