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National Route 57 resumed! Yumeoiso is closer!

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385-1 Uchinomaki, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture

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National Route 57 resumed!
50 minutes by car from Kumamoto Interchange 8 minutes by car from Uchinomaki Station

New route "North side restoration route" opens
It is a motorway connecting Otsu and Akamizu.
Ozu IC-Kurumagaeri IC

Transfer available(Reservation required)
Departure and arrival at the nearest JR Aso Station
Depart Aso Station/16:15/17:15/Last 18:00
Yumeoiso 8:00/9:00/Last 10:00
Please let us know your desired time by phone.
Aso Station is about 15 minutes from Aso Station.

【From Fukuoka】
About 50 minutes to Aso Direction from Kyushu Road - Kumamoto IC - National Route 57

Parking:Yes (free) 50 cars in the 1st parking lot and 50 cars in the 2nd and 3rd parking lots
When you come to the hotel by motorcycle, it will be a blue sky parking lot

tourist information

  • 【For overnight breakfast plan and no meal plan】Uchinomaki Night Map【For dinner and after-party】

    You will reach Uchinomaki Shopping Street in about 5 minutes on foot from Yumeoisou.
    There are many delicious shops so please try to find a place that suits your taste.

    Detailed information is posted on each store at Furatto Uchinomaki (link).

    English version is also available.
  • Sightseeing around Uchinomaki

    Yumeoisou is Uchinomaki area information of the range that you can go on foot or by bicycle from Yumeoisou.
  • Aso City sightseeing-Oita area ...

    Yumeoisou is Aso city sightseeing information to the Oita area from Yumeoisou.
  • Aso City sightseeing-Kumamoto area ...

    Yumeoisou is Aso city sightseeing information from the Yumeoisou to the area of Kumamoto.
  • Aso wide area

    It is a tourist destination in the wide area of Aso surrounded by Mt. Sotowa.

    Mo Mo Farm Takehara Farm / El Patio Ranch / Namino Kaguraen / Shirakawa Spring Source / Yusui tunnel / Aso Milk Ranch / Mt Daikanbo / Kusasenri / Aso Geopark / Milk Road / Panorama line / Aso Volcano Museum / Shiroyama Viewpoint / Kabuto-Iwa Lookout / Ogitake Park Observatory / Higotai Park / Saigandenji Temple Higotai Park / Higotai Park Yoh Shomei Aso Highland Museum Park / Ono Katsuhiko Museum of Art Yoh Shomei Aso Highland Museum Park / Ono Katsuhiko Museum of Art Higotai Park Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine / Ikeyama Springs / Ubuyama Ranch / Minamiaso Fureai Orchards
  • Kumamoto Attractions

    It is a tourist destination in Kumamoto prefecture.

    Kikuchi Valley/Kumamoto Castle/Aya Castle/Suizenji Temple Joju Park/Yachiyoza/Nabegataki Falls/Greenland/Kumamoto City Botanical Garden/Lake Gotsu/Kumamoto City Museum of Contemporary Art/Nanjo Melon Dome/Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Factory/Yusui tunnel/Sakitsu Church/Sea donut