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Aso City Wide Area

  • Kusachirigagahama

    One of the scenery representing Aso, Kussuririgahama.
    Located in the northern foot of Mt. Hatatake, it has an idyllic landscape like a large pond in the center and a pasture horse, and was loved by many poets.
    Adjacent sand Chiririgahama is a small topic spot like "Mars" in recent years.
    Address / Kusenri Rihama, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Mt Daikanbo

    It is the highest peak of Aso North Outer Ring Mountain, and it is also possible to overlook the Aso Caldera and its caldera wall, and 5 mountains of Aso, which is the central cone, as well as the Mt.
    If the conditions are met, you can also enjoy the superb view of the sea of clouds and so on.
    Sunny day is recommended.
    Please visit us once, as it is accessible from the Milk Road towards the small country.
    Opening hours / 8: 30 to 17:00
    Address / 2090-8 Yamada, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Namino Kaguraen

    About 28 minutes by car
    It is a roadside station in Namino, Aso.
    There is a special product corner, an event plaza, and a restaurant where you can eat soft serve ice cream made from buckwheat flour, which is a specialty of Hano, and flavorful soba.
    In addition, you can experience making soba by hand (60 minutes), so it is recommended for men and women of all ages.
    Address / 1602 Hachino Oji, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-24-2331
  • Shirakawa Spring Source

    About 40 minutes by car
    It is a famous water source that has been selected as one of the "100 Famous Waters" by the Environment Agency.Aso water polished by the nature of Aso is relatively hard as a famous water in Japan, so it is drinkable and is known as a water sampling area for major beverage companies.
    In addition, a cafe famous for coffee roasted in famous water is adjacent, and you can enjoy the nature of Aso with a taste.
    Opening Hours /8:00 to 18:00(With seasonal fluctuation)
    Regular holiday / 24/7
    High school student or above as usage fee/environmental conservation cooperation fund:100 yen/Man Junior high school and younger:Free
    Address / 2092-1 Shirakawa, Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-62-0318
  • Yusui tunnel

    About 41 minutes by car
    The tunnel construction to connect the former Japanese National Railways Takamori Line and Takachiho Line was interrupted due to repeated flood accidents, and as a result, it is now a valuable water source for Takamori Town.
    Inside the tunnel, there is an illuminated sidewalk, and one of the highlights is the water pearl fountain, where polka dots move mysteriously.
    Opening Hours / April to October 9:00 to 18:00/
    November to March 9:00 to 17:00
    *Please enter at least 30 minutes before closing
    *Yusuikan 9:00 to 16:00
    Regular holidays / Yusukan only closed on Mondays(Open on public holidays)
    Address / 1034-2 Takamori, Takamori-machi, Aso gun
    Tel /0967-62-3331
  • Rakunoh Mother's Aso Milk Ranch

    About 43 minutes by car
    Aso Milk Ranch is a hands-on ranch, and it is a fun spot where you can learn about dairy farming through contact with animals and various experiences.
    On the vast site of 330,000 m2, there is a "cow barn (cow's house)" where you can experience milking, an "animal contact open space" where you can interact with small animals such as goats and sheep, and a "handmade experience center" where you can make wieners and bread. There is a "natural food restaurant" that is popular for its menu using dairy products, and it is very popular for both adults and children to enjoy all day long.
    Opening Hours /10:00 to 17:00
    Regular holiday / Open everyday until May 31st
    Address / 3944-1 Kawara, Nishihara Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /096-292-2100
  • Aso Geopark

    About 29 minutes by car
    There is abundant nature, the world's largest caldera terrain, and landscapes created by the relationship between people and nature.The area has been designated as "Aso Kuju National Park" and has been certified as "World Agricultural Heritage" and "UNESCO Global Geopark".Recommended for those who want to enjoy extraordinary scenery.
    Address / 1930-1 Akamizu, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture Aso Volcano Museum 1F
    Tel /0967-34-2089

  • Aso Volcano Museum

    About 29 minutes by car
    A museum that exhibits materials related to volcanoes such as Mt Aso.In this facility, the origin, topography, and geology of the caldera, as well as volcanoes in Japan and around the world are exhibited.
    When and how did Aso's caldera come about?  A place where such questions can be solved.
    Opening hours / 9:00 to 17:00
    Regular holiday / Open daily
    Address / 1930-1 Akamizu, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-34-2111
  • Milk Road

    About 25 minutes by car
    Milk Road is one of the roads where you can occupy the magnificent scenery of Aso, the largest caldera in the world.
    There are many scenic routes in Aso, but the Milk Road, which follows the ridge in the northeastern part of Mt. Milk Road where you can enjoy the vastest scenery.
    Tel /0967-34-1600 (Aso City Tourism Association)
  • Panorama line

    About 29 minutes by car
    Aso Panorama line, a famous place that is on par with Milk Road.It is a spectacular road where you can sprint through the grasslands, approach Nakadake, which is still active, and see the life of the caldera and the outer ring mountain that surrounds it.
    Address / Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-34-1600 (Aso City Tourism Association)
    Official URL / http://www.asocity-kanko.jp
  • Shiroyama Viewpoint

    About 23 minutes by car
    It is an observatory located just after entering the Yamanami Highway from Aso City.Located at an altitude of 748m, you can see the streets of Ichinomiya Town below and 5 mountains of Aso in front of you.It will be part of the outer ring of Mt. Aso.If the timing is right, you can see the sea of clouds.
    Address / 2351 Mino, Ichinomiya-machi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-22-3174(Aso City Tourism Division)
  • Kabuto-Iwa Lookout

    About 25 minutes by car
    One of the scenic points from the west side of Mt.
    The sea of clouds can be seen in the early morning, which is also a popular shooting spot.
    Address / Nishikoen, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-32-1910(Kabuto-Iwa Lookout Shop) 
  • Ogitake Park Observatory

    About 53 minutes by car
    Ogidake is 843m above sea level, and you can see 5 mountains of Aso the west, Kuju mountain range in the north, and grandmother and tilted peaks in the south.
    Address / Nakae, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-22-3174(Aso City Tourism Division)
  • Higotai Park

    About 42 minutes by car
    In Higotai Park, various flowers bloom every season from spring to autumn, such as gentian thunbergii in spring, Higotai in summer, and cosmos in autumn.
    It is a rare park with a view of the Kuju mountain range in the background and Mt Aso in the front.
    Opening hours / 8: 30 to 17:00
    Regular holiday / Irregular holidays(Free opening in winter)
    Address / 771 Tajiri, Yamamura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-25-2777
  • Yoh Shomei Aso Highland Museum Park

    About 25 minutes by car
    A picture book museum built by Shomei Yoh on the hill of Choyo Village, Minami Aso, the hometown of his heart.
    At this museum, which is reminiscent of the scenery of Shomei Yoh's paintings, you can not only enjoy the paintings, but also
    You can relax and enjoy the spacious grassland walk course to your heart's content.
    Opening Hours /10:00 to 16:00
    Regular holiday / Open daily(Closed in winter)
    Address / 5988-20 Kawayo, Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
    Tel /0967-67-2719 
  • Kamishikimi Kumanoza Shrine

    About 42 minutes by car
    Kamishikimi Kumanoza Shrine, one of the famous power spots in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture.It was depicted as the setting for the movie "Hotarubi no Mori e", and many people from all over the country are visiting for a different world-like scenery.
    Address / 2619 Kamiromi, Takamori-machi, Aso gun
    Tel /0967-62-1111(Takamori Town Policy Promotion Division)
  • Ikeyama Springs

    About 42 minutes by car
    Ikeyama Springs, which has been selected as one of the 100 best waters by the Ministry of the Environment, boasts abundant spring water with a constant temperature of 13.5 ° C and 30 tons per minute.It is a representative of delicious water in Kumamoto.
    Address / 14-1 Tajiri, Yamamura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-25-2211 (Ubuyama Village Office Economic Construction Division)
  • Ubuyama Ranch

    About 33 minutes by car
    Ubuyama Ranch is a Ubuyama Ranch with a large wind turbine as a landmark.
    Adults and children can fully enjoy the experience of interacting with animals, the athletic plaza, milking experience, butter, and ice cream handmade experience.
    Opening Hours /9:00 to 17:00(From 10:00 to 16:00 in winter)
    From restaurant 11:00 (order stop) 16:30
    Regular holiday / Wednesday only in winter
    Address / 2100-3 Yamaga, Yamamura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-25-2900
  • Minamiaso Fureai Orchards

    About 35 minutes by car
    It is located in Minamiaso City, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture, which boasts the world's largest caldera. "Minami Aso Kan Fureai Farm"
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested all year round, and you can also pick strawberries from winter to spring.
    Opening Hours / From 10:00 to 16:00(End as soon as it runs out)
    Address / 1273-1 Ichinoseki, Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /090-7923-3001
  • Nabegataki Falls

    About 38 minutes by car
    It is a waterfall that looks like a curtain of water, with a height of about 10m and a width of about 20m.There is a space behind the waterfall, and you can see the scenery from the back of the waterfall.
    It is very graceful and mysterious to see the water falling like a curtain illuminated by the sunlight through the trees.
    Opening Hours /9:00 to 17:00(Last entry 16:30)
    Regular holiday / End of Year/Beginning of Year
    Address / Kurobuchi, Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel /0967-46-2113(Oguni Town Office Information Division)