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New coronavirus infectious disease measures approach declaration

Go To Travel Initiatives by this facility regarding "participation conditions" etc. in preventing the spread of infection

We require travel agents and lodging companies participating in this project to meet the following "participation conditions" when applying for registration.

  • At this facility, before receiving the above request,
    We are thoroughly implementing measures to prevent the spread of "new coronavirus infection".
    Not only customers who participate in this campaign,
    To ensure that all guests staying at this facility can spend peace of mind and security
    We will present the details of our efforts for "participation conditions" etc.

(1) For customers checking in, after taking infection prevention measures such as avoiding face-to-face contact, 100% temperature measurement and identity verification

  • ·Acrylic boards installed at the front desk and restaurant reception counter 
    ·Put an induction sticker on the floor in front of the front desk and restaurant reception counter, and line up at intervals.
    ·100% temperature measurement and identity verification for all guests (fill in the names of all guests)
    ·Checking check-in/check-out congestion time transition graphs are posted on the facility and on the website to reduce congestion

(2) Establish a system for contacting the public health center including weekends for guidance if a customer has a fever (fever ≈ 37.5°C or higher, high fever ≈ 38.0°C or higher), cough, sore throat, etc.

  •  In Kumamoto Prefecture, "Kumamoto Prefecture New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Counseling Service (Call Center)"
     096-300-5909 (available 24 hours) is the only source for guidance.
     At the same time, we have created a procedure for the museum to ensure that it is thoroughly implemented by employees.

③ Thorough implementation of measures against crowding in common facilities such as bathhouses and eating and drinking facilities by setting the number of people and time

  • ·Bathhouse:The upper limit is set and the number of people is restricted to avoid crowding and the outpatient bath is suspended
    ·Event:Abolished the bingo game where crowding continues for a relatively long time, changed to a galapon lottery that gives immediate results

④ In the buffet format, devise a method of providing meals by individually providing meals, sharing by employees, or preparing individual customer-specific tongs and chopsticks to avoid sharing

Also, make sure to take measures such as separating seats from each other when eating.

  • ·Wearing a mask and disinfecting fingers when entering the store
    ·We try to move ahead of open hours to avoid congestion and concentration
    ·Counter:When using tongs or special chopsticks for customers,
     Mandatory use of disposable gloves,
     In addition, tongs and special chopsticks are replaced about every 30 minutes.
    ·Open kitchen:Conducted by handing cooked food
    ·Seat spacing:Implementing measures to prevent close contact by providing partitions etc. between seats 

⑤ In addition, thoroughly implement infection prevention measures in accordance with each organization's “New Coronavirus Guideline” such as thorough ventilation and disinfection of guest rooms and common spaces.

  • ·Kumamoto Prefecture and Japan Travel Association, All Japan City Hotel Federation,
     In line with the guidelines of the National Ryokan Hotel Life Sanitation Federation
     Thorough infection prevention measures by creating guidelines that match the actual operating conditions of this facility
    ·In addition, when you are entering the building, you can also bring in other companies than the customer
     ○A mask wear
     ○B hand disinfection
     ○C. Completed temperature measurement
     In addition to the company of the importer○If you do not comply with C

⑥ Publicly announces that the above infection prevention measures have been thoroughly implemented by posting them on the website or front desk.

  • Posted in this facility and on SNS